After 4 years of providing people with presentation graphics using the power of action scripts, I will be shutting down Actionuser.

Action scripts introduced a large amount of technical complexity in my business that was really unnecessary and it prevented me from filling the demand for new assets. It was also relied heavily on Adobe’s structure with Photoshop that caused a lot of stress when there were updates. It was a challenge I could no longer support.

Along the way, I ventured into creating graphic mockups with a more sustainable format using PSD files. I encourage you to visit my new website Covervault where you will find a large collection of new templates. It’s also updated regularly.

Many challenges in the world of action scripts remain unsolved, and I failed to create a sustainable resource for you. For this, I am sorry.

I gave it my all. Thank you, again.

-Mark Monciardini (Founder of Actionuser)